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Saf-T-Graf® Monobloc and replaceable element Graphite Disks

Standard features:

  • Convenient, Economic, Corrosion Resistant Graphite disks are made from impregnated graphite offering low burst pressure and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • BS&B graphite disks are supplied with integral gaskets for direct installation between international pipe flanges.
  • The replaceable element range is installed in graphite or stainless steel safety heads before installation between pipe flanges.
  • A steel armoring ring around the disk for added safety and easier installation is recommended.
  • 0.5-24 inches (15-600mm)
  • Burst pressures 0.25-1,000 psig (0.02- 69barg)
  • Temperatures to 400°F (205°C) - higher operating temperatures to 800°F (427°C) are achieved using a ‘high temperature assembly’

Product Offerings

MB™ Monobloc
MB Monobloc
Low Pressure Graphite Rupture Disk
IMB™ Inverted Monobloc
IMB Inverted Monobloc
Low to High Pressure Graphite Rupture Disk
FSM™ Fail-Saf Monobloc
FSM Fail-Saf Monobloc
Fail-Safe Graphite Rupture Disk
RE™ Replaceable Element
RE Replaceable Element
Graphite Rupture Disk for use with Safety Head

For more details and comparison: Download RDD Quick reference guide



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