Emergency need for over pressure accidents or any process safety requirement, contact: bsb@sanmargroup.com Ph.no - 91 44 2450 4200

Please be advised that any communication that is addressed by The Sanmar Group will be only from our registered domain names, namely, @sanmargroup.com / @tci.sanmargroup.com / @matrix-sanmargroup.com.

Any and all commercial activities undertaken by “The Sanmar Group of Companies” will only be through following commercial legal entities, namely Chemplast Sanmar Ltd, Chemplast Cuddalore Vinyls Ltd, Sanmar Shipping Ltd., Sanmar Matrix Metals Ltd, Anderson Greenwood Crosby Sanmar Ltd, BS&B Safety Systems (India) Ltd, Flowserve Sanmar Private Ltd, Xomox Sanmar Ltd, TCI Sanmar Chemicals SAE., Egypt, Matrix Metals LLC and Acerlan Matrix LLC and not through any other entity/person/individual, and/or by providing an individual’s bank account. Under no account can the aforesaid Companies be held liable for any money transferred to any person/ entity, other than to these Companies.

It has recently come to our notice that a few persons, including some ex-employees of the entities mentioned above, have, without any authority, but purporting to act on behalf of The Sanmar Group, have approached third parties/our clients, on the pretext of establishing a business relationship solely with the malafide intent to defraud and/or cheat such third parties/ our clients.

Under the circumstances The Sanmar Group accordingly advises all parties to ensure that they communicate only with the legitimate and authorised representative of The Sanmar Group, and to verify any/all communication received, which claims to have emanated from The Sanmar Group, by notifying us of the same in writing to the e-mail id furnished below, and only upon securing our confirmation in writing proceed further. Further even in the event of your suspecting that the communication which you have received is a virus, phishing, spam or fraudulent email from any individual purporting to represent The Sanmar Group, please contact us at “ombudsman@sanmargroup.com” by forwarding the same to this email id, and in the event of our confirming that this is a fraudulent communication, lodge a complaint to your local law enforcement agency.

Since The Sanmar Group maintains the highest ethical standards, and does not tolerate any form of fraudulent activity, under no circumstances can The Sanmar Group be held liable or responsible for any claim or loss or inconvenience caused as a result of any such fraudulent communication/representation whether orally and/or in writing that you may have received from any unauthorised person/individual and/or entity, claiming to be a part of and/or acting on behalf of The Sanmar Group.