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Explosion Venting (Vent-Saf<sup>®</sup> and Vent-Saf<sup>®</sup> Plus)

Standard features:

  • Designed to protect equipment against damage in the event of deflagration of combustible materials
  • Explosion panels are low burst pressure membranes which are designed to be fastened over an opening of calculated size to provide rapid pressure relief
  • BS&B utilizes NFPA 68, EN 14491, and VDI-3673 venting guidelines, which are recognized worldwide

Product Offerings

Types VSP and VSS
Domed single section metal explosion vents with integral gaskets. The dome resists vacuum and vacuum cycling.
Type VSP-M
A flat, single section explosion panel with integral frame and gaskets designed for applications in dust collectors, cyclones, conveyors.
Type VSP-L
Stainless steel vent designed for low pressures to 0.33 psig (0.022 barg)
Type VSE
A flat, single section metal explosion vent with integral gaskets designed for near static operating pressures.
Type VSB
Building vent for protection of building structures by very low pressure explosion vents.
Type EXP
A flat vent with a slotted 316ss top section and FEP / PTFE seal.
Type EXP-V
provides vacuum support.
A round domed explosion vent of composite construction with integral vacuum support and gaskets.
Type LCV
A flat explosion vent of composite construction with integral gaskets.
Type HTV
A lightly domed vent designed for high temperature service to 1,000°F (538°C) and above.


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